Social Media Optimization

Everyone’s talking about SEO or search engine optimization – the process by which you take a bunch of keywords, and make sure that when you put those search items through Google or another search engine, your website shows up on top of the first page of the results.

It’s well and good, and SEO serves its purpose really well. But have you ever considered using another part of the internet to deliver results? You can also use social media to help out and complement your SEO efforts. You see, no matter how high you rank in search engines, people now are starting to spend more time in Facebook over Google. It’s not hard to take advantage of the various social media channels available, right?

First, make sure that all the major social media channels have an account in your name. The worst thing that could happen is to have a spammer or competitor take over an account in a major social media site like Twitter, and you can’t utilize your social media potential. Of course you can just file a trademark dispute and win the account back, but it would be best to avoid the hassle, right? Social media accounts are the new domain names – you have to make sure you protect your trademarks.

Learn what your target market wants, give them interesting things to read about while at the same time throwing in a mention or two of your company, service or product. Remember though that social media’s bottom line would be sales – you can have a million followers on Twitter, but without sales to justify those numbers, you’re not successful.

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