Most Addictive Websites

The lack of real interaction between people in the real world can easily be blamed because of the existence of the world wide web. Having access to the internet is very tricky. A person can easily lose his/herself for hours just surfing through different websites or just being sucked in by Facebook. (We are all guilty of this) but there are heaps of internet websites that deserve your attention more than just stalking people or comment on every single posts on Facebook. These websites are ones that would make you laugh, make you think and sometimes, when a good article comes up, it could even make you cry. Here’s a short list of websites worthy of your time.

1. Thought Catalog – compilation of articles relevant and relatable coming from regular and sometimes awesome people.

2. Best of Craigslist – compilation of the funniest, grosses and weirdest Craigslist ads from around the world.

3. Where Cool Things Happen – this one is a photo blog of art, travel, lifestyle etc.

4. F My Life – This website would make you feel better about your life. (That is, after reading users personal awful/sad/incredibly miserable stories)

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