Blogging Guidelines

post3.jpgWriting a blog takes a lot of preparation. It is not easy to write a blog that you intend to keep for a long time. There are times that you will be writing very well and often times you cannot think where to begin. In order to help you get started and maintain that momentum, here are some tips that can help you:
1. Find a target audience. This will help avoid burn-out.
2. Maintain an idea bank. Inspiration on a long-term basis.
3. Engage with your readers. Relationship is the key.
4. Long-term goals and long-term blogging go hand in hand.
5. Make some money. It helps you stick it out.
6. Define your goals to know where you are heading.
7. Celebrate your milestones. It helps to keep that good feeling alive.
8. Have a sustainable rhythm that you can work with.

9. Build your safety net to help overcome feelings of depression, boredom or other negative feelings.
10. Most important of all, keep on enjoying what you do!



With memes from ABCs to Top 10s of all possible topics floating around the Internet, it is virtually impossible to find yourself at a loss for blog posts to write. But if there’s one thing you can do that will not just keep you blogging regularly but also build a community of fellow readers and bloggers, it’s tagging. This form of tagging is different from the categories you find at the bottom of every blog entry or in social media sites. Tagging is answering what is essentially a meme and linking to other bloggers so that they will also answer the questions and spread the meme around. It’s a form of goodwill and at the same time an enjoyable exercise for everyone involved. Just remember to choose a topic that other bloggers would be able to relate to. Otherwise, they might find laborious to answer the meme and consider you a nuisance!

Social Web Into the Clouds

cloudcomputingMany of the Web Giants are gearing for the introduction and expected full implementation of cloud computing that is set to become web 3.0. Industry giants like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, IBM and many other have been gearing for the big push but a recent move by Facebook, one of the social web’s biggest networks has raised a lot of alarms as to the ownership of the cloud.
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Blogging Tricks to Increase Traffic to your Website (Part 2)

You can also be a guest author on other authority blogs. If you have started with the previous method of commenting to top blogging sites, do not be surprised if the top bloggers in your market will ask you to write complete posts on their blog too. Or maybe you can approach them yourself and ask if you may write a full post on a particular topic for them to post. Most bloggers will be happy to have someone else provide content once in a while. When you write a helpful and useful post, make sure that you put a link back to you own site in return for your effort.

Five common fears associated with search engine optimisation

Even though it is now widely known and accepted that search engine optimisation can make a considerable and positive difference to online businesses, it is still a relatively new process. Due to this, there are still some site owners which are dubious about SEO and actually fear what it involves and what it could do to their companies.

There are some common fears amongst those which are not currently running an SEO campaign but that have considered hiring professional SEO experts to help them and their business to improve. These fears can deter business owners from getting involved in SEO and this means their businesses miss out on many fantastic opportunities for development.
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Resize Images Online

resize.jpegThe website was created out of frustration of users asking questions like How do I resize images? How do I make images smaller? and How do I shrink this picture for an avatar?. The Shrink Pictures tools was created—to resize images anddigital forums so that it would not be difficult to post pictures in a Forum or in a blog and send them by email.

Here are 5 easy steps:

1. Browse your computer and select your image/photo to resize
2. Select the new size for your picture – use a preset or choose a custom size
3. Optionally, add an effect to your image
4. Select output image/picture quality Lower quality means a smaller file
5. Click “Resize” and wait for the processed images to be displayed

To shrink a picture to avatar size, use Shrink Avatars tool.


The Blogger’s Code of Conduct

In order to counter abusive online behavior, Tim O’Reilly and others proposed the Blogger’s Code of Conduct. The proposal contained ideas that focus on self-regulation. They proposed that bloggers should take responsibility for their words and also for the comments that they allow in their blog. They should set their tolerance level for abusive comments, consider eliminating comments that are anonymous, and ignore trolls. When it comes to conversations, bloggers should take them offline and to either talk directly or through an intermediary. The more important ideas of the Code of Conduct are to tell the abusive person of his misbehavior online and to remember not to say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.

Viva Viviti!

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There are many blogging tools like TypePad and WordPress that went through tremendous changes with regards to their user interfaces. While Viviti, a weblog service host is taking on a newer direction. Viviti is now providing the user flexiblity and time saving way to blog by letting them edit and manage their blog contents right on the page itself. They did not do away with the simple text editor which is standard in all blogging tools. But what you can do it easier with just a click and drag. there are also ready made templates. Yous can still customize your page with your own HTML or CSS. It is also offering a free domain mapping. This simply means that when you buy a domain in another vendor, you can direct it and let it go through Viviti.

Moms and jobseekers as bloggers

How would blogging benefit jobseekers? Showing up on searches of your name is a tricky process of links and popularity, but done correctly, a high-ranking blog could show potential employers a more complete and impressive picture of you than any CV can. With a well designed blog, you could put your best foot forward online.

Both stay-at-home moms and mothers working full-time will be able to make full use of blogs because there are many moms blogging about domestic and parenting issues online. Blogs are great venues for meeting moms, exchanging tips and giving advice on various topics. Whether your kids are infants or all grown up, you’ll still be able to pick up some hints from supportive moms. And it won’t cost you much time–a few posts a month will only take a few minutes to write, unless you want to put in much more work into them.

The Rising Popularity of Blogging

With the ever rising popularity of blogging, different groups have expressed diverse opinions about how blogging has blurred the line separating it from giving credible news to society. There have been questions raised as to its legality, especially about copyright, because bloggers would tend to breach the limitations of laws pertaining to it.

Even minority languages have also been influenced by blogs. Through blogging, minority language publishing has found its way which would otherwise has not been possible because of lack of economic possibility. Being inexpensive, different groups of people have been brought together and closer to one another by the rising popularity of blogging.