Widget mania

With thousands of widgets you can put on your blog, where do you start? Here are a few recommendations to help you discover widgets that can enrich your blogging experience, as well as that of your readers.

Art Painter.
Lets you draw online and save your drawing. Choose the background color.
gapingvoid. Displays the latest gapingvoid cartoon on your site or blog. Select the size that fits best.
PerezHilton.com. The latest showbiz gossip from the “Queen of All Media”. You want leopard skin with that?
MyBlogLog. Lets you see who visits your site. Now a Yahoo! service.
Twitter. Allows your readers to see your latest Twitter status and find out what your are doing.
Flickr badge. Displays your selection of Flickr photos in HTML or Flash format.

What is a Meme?

meme3.jpgIn the blogging world, the concept of a meme is viral; it propagates and it is mutating as it propagates. It originated from a context that was observed in blogging; a person will blog about a certain topic and some people who gets to read the blog do the same thing or same post on their blogs with a slight difference or modifications. Sometimes, a meme can be a list of questions created by one blogger, and other bloggers will answer the questions and tag other bloggers to do the same and so on. Some are in the form of activity like weekly posting of photographs or poetry.

Informatively, meme is also a term for the genes of a culture.

Increase your Blog Traffic (Part 1)


So you have set up your first blog and you post witty information everyday, but after three weeks, you are still not getting any kind of meaningful traffic. What can you possibly do to generate traffic for a brand new blog? There are ten suggestions:
1. Visit some forums that are related to your blog’s subject. You can try to reply to at least eight postings per day. Then include a signature file that will include the URL of your blog each time you post.
2. Ping the major blog directories every time you add a new post to your blog.


a-to-z.jpgPeople blog for various reasons: some wants their opinions to be heard, their literary works to be read and their advocacy to be recognized; journalists find blogging a new form of mainstream media; others discover the fact that you can produce money out of it; and there are people who blog to be popular over the internet and even in real life scenario.

But the most compelling reason to blog is to become professional blogger. Professional blogging is a type of business scheme that extracts money from your blog. In short, term, monetizing your blog and doing this for full time.

Blog Terms Part2

Image Source:aikaspoetnik.files.wordpress.com

Refer to this short list of blogging terms. Blogging has grown steadily for the last 5 years and by that it has grown its own terms and vocabulary for bloggers to understand each other. And to separate themselves from the rest of the users.

  • Collaborative blog is a blog usually concentrated on a single issue or political stripe. It is also known as a group blog.
  • Comment spam is like the E-mail spam. Spambots or robots, bombard a certain blog site with advertising in the form of fake comments. This has been a very serious dilemma for bloggers so they came up with special tools to differentiate bots from humans. One way is through captchas.
  • Desktop Blogging Client is simply an offline blog management tool
  • Fisking is to rebut a blog entry line-by-line.
  • Flog is a blend of two words, fake and blog. A blog that is written by someone for the sole purpose of a marketing strategy.
  • Feeds are RSS Feeds
  • Milblog is term coined for blogs written by members any military organization. Like the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.
  • Moblog a combination of mobile and blog pertaining to posts sent by mobile phones using SMS or MMS messages. Photoblogs is an example.
  • Permalink is the unique URL of a single post. You can use this if you like to link to a post somewhere.
  • Photoblog is a blog containing photos and posted chronologically.
  • Pingback is the alert in the TrackBack system.

How is Blog Popularity Measured?

Blogging is continuously gaining attractiveness and blog popularity can be measured in two ways: through citations and through affiliation. It was found in researches that permalinks require a shorter time to gain popularity than blogrolls. Furthermore, they give a better picture of popularity and authority. It is because they signify that visitors are actually reading the content of the blog and find it important.

The blogdex project by the MIT Media Lab was the first instantiation of a memetracker. Technorati measures blog popularity by giving rankings to blogs based on the number of incoming links while Alexa Internet does the same based on the web hits of Alexa Toolbar users.

Check out how federated search is different in SharePoint Server 2010 …

What is Federated Search in SharePoint Server 2010?
A Federated Search in SharePoint Server enables you to display search results for additional content that is not crawled by your search server. Using Federated Search, the query can be performed over the local content index, or it can be forwarded to an external content repository where it is processed by that repository’s search engine. The repository’s search engine then returns the results to the search server. The search server formats and renders the results from the external repository within the same search results page as the results from the search server’s own content index.

A federated location defines the federated search connection to the external content repository, and comprises Location types, Query and More Results link templates, Triggers, Display information, Restrictions, and Authentication and credentials information.

Benefits of Federated Search with SharePoint Enterprise Search

If you use Federated Search option to get search results, then:
• You require no additional capacity for the content index, as content is not crawled by SharePoint Enterprise Search
• You can take advantage of a repository’s existing search engine
• You can optimize the content repository’s search engine for the repository’s specific set of content, which might provide better search performance on the content set
• You can access repositories that are secured against crawls, but which can be accessed by search queries

All in all you can use SharePoint Server 2010 federated sources in core results, in a small preview of results, or in an instant answer format. Federated Results incorporate information from other sources, Related Searches, and People Results in the search experience.

Take advantage of SharePoint family of products that include SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010, MOSS 2007, and associated free SharePoint templates or web parts.

Giving your SEO quality time

Is your site getting quality time from your SEO agency? Just as importantly, is your business? Without quality time together, it’s possible that your SEO campaign is not going to achieve what you need.

‘Quality time’ is a phrase that parenting gurus came up with some time in the 80s. It was realized that working professionals weren’t giving enough attention to their children, and spending ‘quality time’ together became the answer. In many cases this involved dragging grumpy children around art exhibits and museums, but sometimes it worked the way it was supposed to. This quality time was designed to reinforce the relationship, but really what it was all about was setting aside the right amount of time for both sides to prosper.

A similar thing has to happen with your business, your SEO plan and your SEO company. Well, not the art exhibits part. An SEO company needs to be able to provide you with quality time during your site’s optimisation. Any company that is lax in returning your calls and uninterested in discussing your needs is not likely to provide you with the service you need to get your site into a good position.

Lack of attention is a symptom

It’s never a good idea to sign up with a specialist who doesn’t seem to have time for you. Usually, this lack of real attention is a symptom of other, deeper flaws that will come out later in your relationship. The same applies for SEO.

*Lack of time can indicate a too-heavy workload: SEO companies are just like any other business, and often are reluctant to turn down work even when they don’t have time for it. A lack of attention from your SEO company can indicate that their staff is overworked. An overworked consultant is one who may not give your site the right amount of attention.

*Lack of interest can result in ‘cookie-cutter’ SEO: Companies can sometimes feel that they’ve got their optimisation process down to a fine art, and apply SEO in a standard fashion. This can produce results, but not on the wide scale that good SEO can achieve. Cookie-cutter approaches to SEO also tend to result in plans that need more maintenance, as techniques go out of style.

*Lack of answers can indicate inexperience: An SEO expert might be willing to return your emails and calls, but unwilling to provide the answers you seek. Although no SEO professional is going to hand over their entire book of techniques, most are willing to clear up any concerns you have. You can approach us at www.seoconsult.co.uk when first investigating optimization. An optimization professional who defers all of your questions is possibly covering up their lack of knowledge.

There are many companies offering search engine optimization services out there, and it can be nearly impossible to choose. It’s a good idea to look around industry forums and other community hotspots to uncover the reputation each company has. Asking direct questions is also a must.

Viva Viviti!

Image Source: farm4.static.flickr.com

There are many blogging tools like TypePad and WordPress that went through tremendous changes with regards to their user interfaces. While Viviti, a weblog service host is taking on a newer direction. Viviti is now providing the user flexiblity and time saving way to blog by letting them edit and manage their blog contents right on the page itself. They did not do away with the simple text editor which is standard in all blogging tools. But what you can do it easier with just a click and drag. there are also ready made templates. Yous can still customize your page with your own HTML or CSS. It is also offering a free domain mapping. This simply means that when you buy a domain in another vendor, you can direct it and let it go through Viviti.

Blogging as a fad

woman blogging
When you decide to blog, don’t just do it because you want to hitch your cart on the bandwagon. If anything, blog because you want to. Blog because you feel the need to express and share your thoughts, emotions and ideas. Blog because you want to contribute something to the new media that is the internet. Blog because you want to be of service to others.

There are bloggers who are over conscious with what is in and what is cool in the world of blogging. Others are more concerned with writing about topics that are sure traffic getters. But if you are comfortable in your own niche and you believe you have a sure and loyal audience to your blog, then there is no reason why you should write about American Idol because it’s in season. Or deviate unnecessarily from your theme by blogging about Britney Spears just because she is No. 1 in Google search.

Blogging should not be seen as fad. Otherwise, it will defeat the very purpose of communication for which it came to be.