Everybody blogs!

There are people for whom blogging seems natural: techies, gamers and all those guys in Silicon Valley. What this generalization fails to consider is that active Internet use is rising among the young and not just among males. Women have embraced the web and created content of every kind. Even the elderly have embraced blogging, though to a much lesser extent. Travelers everywhere have found blogs excellent venues for telling stories and giving recommendations. In every case, one find an audience of readers and supporters. Depending on what you talk about and how, there could also be detractors and “haters”, and this is something you have to be prepared for. The cloak of anonymity can lead some people to do nasty things they wouldn’t do if they were identified, and there are privacy issues at every corner. But as bloggers can be anonymous as well, it is really up to you what you want to reveal.

Access to Business Email in Dominican Republic

In Dominican Republic, Cabarete on the North Coast has airs which lure adventurous gang of people from around the globe. Yes, but did you forget your mails while enjoying this awesomeness of Dominican Republic? No! right? The get hold of Microsoft Exchange Server with cheap shared Exchange hosting set up with hosted Blackberry for a quick check on your mobile device.

With MS Exchange Server synchronization, your life becomes so balanced that your can trip and work both at the same time. But to enjoy this facility don’t forget to check with the country’s local providers whether they provide Exchange hosted email service in their area. Claro Codetel is the largest wireless local providers in Dominican Republic. [Read more →]

Facebook Job App


Facebook recently joined the bandwagon for job hunters and added a new application that would help connect candidates with job vacancies and recruiters on the world’s largest social network. Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the world and this new app would surely attract the others who have yet to discover the awesomeness of this social media networking site to join! The new service claims more than 1.7 million jobs from partners including Monster Worldwide and BranchOut, the company said on its website. People normally go to Linkedin for this purpose but facebook is ready to play the same game with the aim to win it. Linkedin has 187 million users and the current leading job search engine. The recent studies said that majority of the unemployed turn to social media to land a job and the rate of getting hired is very good. They use this more than job search websites, newspaper ads etc.


Understanding RSS

Are feeds and RSS one and the same? It’s easier to think so, but if you want to be a little more technical, the simple way to explain is that a feed could be in the RSS format. In its latest incarnation, RSS 2.0, the acronym stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is what it is. RSS allows aggregation in the XML (Extensible Markup Language) data format for content that gets updated like websites, blogs and podcasts. The RSS document or feed is checked automatically by the feed reader for new content. The orange RSS icon is now standard in many sites.

Reasons Why People Blog

Take a look at some of the reasons why people blog and find out if these are true to you. People make blogs because they want to express their thoughts and opinions. They also have something to market or to promote. Others blog because they want to help people (e.g. parenting, health). Those who are experts in a certain field use blogs to establish their craft. For like-minded people, blogging can get them together and share thoughts and opinions. Blogs can also change people’s thinking on certain issues especially political blogs. Some blogs are created to make money especially through advertising. People who love to have fun and be creative find that blogging is a good outlet. These are some of the main reasons why people blog.

Most Addictive Websites

The lack of real interaction between people in the real world can easily be blamed because of the existence of the world wide web. Having access to the internet is very tricky. A person can easily lose his/herself for hours just surfing through different websites or just being sucked in by Facebook. (We are all guilty of this) but there are heaps of internet websites that deserve your attention more than just stalking people or comment on every single posts on Facebook. These websites are ones that would make you laugh, make you think and sometimes, when a good article comes up, it could even make you cry. Here’s a short list of websites worthy of your time.

1. Thought Catalog – compilation of articles relevant and relatable coming from regular and sometimes awesome people.

2. Best of Craigslist – compilation of the funniest, grosses and weirdest Craigslist ads from around the world.

3. Where Cool Things Happen – this one is a photo blog of art, travel, lifestyle etc.

4. F My Life – This website would make you feel better about your life. (That is, after reading users personal awful/sad/incredibly miserable stories)


ブログあなたのプライバシーを持っていることの一方通行である時匿名がある。 幸いにも、技術はあなたのアイデンティティをオンラインで隠すのを助けて利用できる。 ペンネームを使用することができる。 ちょうど基づいていることにそれが実質の物のように鳴るペンネームを使用しないために覚えなさい。 サービスがあるように自由な匿名にブログの催を提供するインターネットを確認することができる。 機略に冨みなさいありなさい。 あなたの聴衆を限ることはまた特にあなたの目的がちょうど友人および家族と伝達し合うことならあなたのブログの保護を助ける。 技術のために、あなたのブログであなたの本名か個人情報を使用しなくても、人々はまだあなたのドメイン・ネームをWHOISの記録を調べることによってだれ行う、従ってあなたのドメイン・ネームを匿名にか登録することが最善であるか調べることができる。

Increase your Blog Traffic (Part 2)


3. Optimize your blog. To make sure that spiders will visit your site on a regular basis, you have to submit it to major search engines.
4. Read and comment to at least 5 other blogs everyday. But don’t just say ‘Nice blog’ or ‘Good Post.’ Leave powerful comments that have substance. Also, make sure that you leave your blog address on each comment that you enter.
5. Submit your blogs to large blog directories.
6. Include a counter in your blog that will monitor unique visitors and total traffic. This can tell you what techniques are working best for your site.

Blogging Guidelines

post3.jpgWriting a blog takes a lot of preparation. It is not easy to write a blog that you intend to keep for a long time. There are times that you will be writing very well and often times you cannot think where to begin. In order to help you get started and maintain that momentum, here are some tips that can help you:
1. Find a target audience. This will help avoid burn-out.
2. Maintain an idea bank. Inspiration on a long-term basis.
3. Engage with your readers. Relationship is the key.
4. Long-term goals and long-term blogging go hand in hand.
5. Make some money. It helps you stick it out.
6. Define your goals to know where you are heading.
7. Celebrate your milestones. It helps to keep that good feeling alive.
8. Have a sustainable rhythm that you can work with.

9. Build your safety net to help overcome feelings of depression, boredom or other negative feelings.
10. Most important of all, keep on enjoying what you do!

Source: dailyblogtips.com


With memes from ABCs to Top 10s of all possible topics floating around the Internet, it is virtually impossible to find yourself at a loss for blog posts to write. But if there’s one thing you can do that will not just keep you blogging regularly but also build a community of fellow readers and bloggers, it’s tagging. This form of tagging is different from the categories you find at the bottom of every blog entry or in social media sites. Tagging is answering what is essentially a meme and linking to other bloggers so that they will also answer the questions and spread the meme around. It’s a form of goodwill and at the same time an enjoyable exercise for everyone involved. Just remember to choose a topic that other bloggers would be able to relate to. Otherwise, they might find laborious to answer the meme and consider you a nuisance!