Google Chrome OS

Google simply cannot keep out of the OS wars and as their entry to battle Windows, they have announced a version of their Google Chrome OS for release on the rising tablet PC market. There is still a lot of work that has to be done for this to become reality for being open-sourced
it is a headache to standardize. But Google has confirmed that it is no longer a rumor and it is considered to be one of the company’s primary goals this year.

Their browser version of Chrome has been out for a while and it has had it’s fair share of bugs, versions and fixes but it is steadily making it’s way. The fact is that Google has managed to do away with most of the overhead that takes space and time for Windows to load streamlining the system for optimal performance. The OS would be coming out soon, though Google is keeping it quiet on when and how it would be released.

Blogging Tricks to Increase Traffic to your Website (Part 1)

Every webmaster always wants to increase on-line traffic to their websites. A great way on how you can do this is to harness the power of blogs.

Start by going over to a blog-centric search engine such as Technorati or Google blogsearch and compile a list of active blogs in your niche. Then, start by visiting each blogs on a regular basis. In fact, it is recommended to subscribe to heir posts using RSS feeds. Once you got a feel for the style of the author, start commenting on these blogs with relevant information and soon you will be seen by the readers as an authority on the topic. Of course include your site’s URL when you post your comment.


ブログあなたのプライバシーを持っていることの一方通行である時匿名がある。 幸いにも、技術はあなたのアイデンティティをオンラインで隠すのを助けて利用できる。 ペンネームを使用することができる。 ちょうど基づいていることにそれが実質の物のように鳴るペンネームを使用しないために覚えなさい。 サービスがあるように自由な匿名にブログの催を提供するインターネットを確認することができる。 機略に冨みなさいありなさい。 あなたの聴衆を限ることはまた特にあなたの目的がちょうど友人および家族と伝達し合うことならあなたのブログの保護を助ける。 技術のために、あなたのブログであなたの本名か個人情報を使用しなくても、人々はまだあなたのドメイン・ネームをWHOISの記録を調べることによってだれ行う、従ってあなたのドメイン・ネームを匿名にか登録することが最善であるか調べることができる。

Bluetooth RAZRWIRE Oakley Sunglasses – An Innovative Design

In the present day, there are a lot of innovative items being made to help make our lives easier and is a hit in the internet. For years, technology has proved that it has a lot to offer. It has been helpful from household appliances, office items and to portable gadgets. Just like the recent technology, gadgets such as mp3 players, laptops and other electronic devices are designed to bring convenience and comfort, most especially for people who are always on the go. Even personal items like sunglasses are now coupled with high technology and one reliable name that produces quality and innovative items is Oakley. One of the best items being offered by Oakley in the present day is the Bluetooth RAZWIRE Oakley Sunglasses.

The bluetooth RAZWIRE Oakley Sunglasses are now setting their way to popularity, especially to people who want to have handiness while having a talk on the phone, without interruption from what they are currently doing. These sunglasses are best for those who frequently go on business trips, biking or hanging out under the heat of the sun. When the phone rings, there is no need to pick it up from the bag. With the bluetooth feature that this RAZRWIRE Oakley sunglass has, talking on the phone is made easy. Aside from that, it has great features like Plutonite lens materials and high definition optics that protect eyes from UV radiation.

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Keeping Your Family Porn-Free

I maintain a blog site as a part-time job, and having a 2 kids in the house has made me a little more aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows of cyberspace. The internet has been a powerful tool not just for data processing and storage, but for global communication as well. Millions of text data and images are being posted online everyday. So how does one filter the good from the bad at home?

There are many applications that can help you block pornographic from being displayed on your computer They use distinctive filter methods that analyze whether a URL is safe for viewing or not. However, it may not be so easy to filter images as it is URLs. There are porn sites that allow for the user to type in their emails so pictures can be sent to the address directly, without having to go through their site. This can pose some serious problems for my kids. Good thing there are some pornographic image filters that can analyze images as they are being downloaded, and identify those that are unwanted. The technology can analyze different physical aspects of the images like skin tone, contour, hues, etc. This can act as a reliable personal web nanny, to help block porn images. It is said to be 85%-90% accurate, which is relatively high.

Now I can rest peacefully at night while my laptop is still turned on. I don’t have to worry about my kids sneaking around and having a peak at unsightly images. All they will probably find is the link to the Australia business directory that I have left opened. Having kid-friendly internet access is an effective way to keeping my family porn-free.

North Korea & Internet

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt arrived in Beijing on Thursday morning from his visit to North Korea. The whole trip has been controversial but Schmidt explained to the reporters that the trip has been productive. He joined the nine member group that included former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson to negotiate with North Korea to put a stop on missile launches and nuclear tests.

Schmidt is the most notable American businessman who visited the country. He explained that his purpose was to urge North Korea to be open to expanding the use of the internet for it will eventually benefit the citizens. He said “As the world becomes increasingly connected, [North Korea's] decision to be virtually isolated is very much going to affect their physical world, their economic growth and so forth. It will make it harder for them to catch up economically.” There is still no telling if his visit will make any big changes to the freedom of internet in the country.

Everybody blogs!

There are people for whom blogging seems natural: techies, gamers and all those guys in Silicon Valley. What this generalization fails to consider is that active Internet use is rising among the young and not just among males. Women have embraced the web and created content of every kind. Even the elderly have embraced blogging, though to a much lesser extent. Travelers everywhere have found blogs excellent venues for telling stories and giving recommendations. In every case, one find an audience of readers and supporters. Depending on what you talk about and how, there could also be detractors and “haters”, and this is something you have to be prepared for. The cloak of anonymity can lead some people to do nasty things they wouldn’t do if they were identified, and there are privacy issues at every corner. But as bloggers can be anonymous as well, it is really up to you what you want to reveal.

Widget mania

With thousands of widgets you can put on your blog, where do you start? Here are a few recommendations to help you discover widgets that can enrich your blogging experience, as well as that of your readers.

Art Painter.
Lets you draw online and save your drawing. Choose the background color.
gapingvoid. Displays the latest gapingvoid cartoon on your site or blog. Select the size that fits best. The latest showbiz gossip from the “Queen of All Media”. You want leopard skin with that?
MyBlogLog. Lets you see who visits your site. Now a Yahoo! service.
Twitter. Allows your readers to see your latest Twitter status and find out what your are doing.
Flickr badge. Displays your selection of Flickr photos in HTML or Flash format.

Facebook Job App


Facebook recently joined the bandwagon for job hunters and added a new application that would help connect candidates with job vacancies and recruiters on the world’s largest social network. Facebook has more than 1 billion users around the world and this new app would surely attract the others who have yet to discover the awesomeness of this social media networking site to join! The new service claims more than 1.7 million jobs from partners including Monster Worldwide and BranchOut, the company said on its website. People normally go to Linkedin for this purpose but facebook is ready to play the same game with the aim to win it. Linkedin has 187 million users and the current leading job search engine. The recent studies said that majority of the unemployed turn to social media to land a job and the rate of getting hired is very good. They use this more than job search websites, newspaper ads etc.


Offline Blogging

offline.pngIsn’t it nicer to be able to edit and post your blogs even when you are not connected to the internet? Really, that is possible. There are existing offline blogging tool or software available for download. Some of them are free, there are also proprietary. Either of the two, it is still a comfort to bloggers to do things offline that you usually do online.

An example of an offline blogging tool is w.bloggar. It supports a wide collection of blogging platforms including blogspot, wordpresss, livejournal, drupal, movabletype and others. It is cooler because it is a freeware; no credit cards needed on download.

If you are using the Firefox web browser, you can also try ScribeFire (formerly Performancing for Firefox) as your blog post editor.