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To Digg or not to Digg? That’s a good question. Digg is a popular online social bookmarking site where you can digg or bury–rate an online article, video or podcast thumbs up or thumbs down. Submit what you like for other members to find. The more diggs it receives, the more popular it gets and the higher it comes up on top of the page heap. This is one place where your reactions are valued. Digg lets you visualize the content and participate in a number of ways. That’s the social part of it, aside from letting you find out what your friends are digging. Members can also customize their view to remove categories they are not interested in. But even if you don’t sign in, you can find out what diggers are discovering.

Why you should start a group blog

One blog is usually enough for anyone to maintain. But starting a group blog can be a good way to keep in touch with people have the same interests as yourself or have a shared history. These can be family members, former schoolmates and friends with common hobbies. Here are two reasons for group blogging:
Shared responsibility. Posting can sometimes feel like a chore when you cannot think of anything to write. Having other blog authors in the group allows you to post less frequently and alternate so that there is less pressure.
Likemindedness. The ties that bind the group together provide subjects to write about. Family and friends can update each other and reminisce through the group blog. Hobbyists could write about their projects. A group of knitters, for example, can post photos of their projects and how-tos.

In the next post, we will look at tips for group blogging.

Moms and jobseekers as bloggers

How would blogging benefit jobseekers? Showing up on searches of your name is a tricky process of links and popularity, but done correctly, a high-ranking blog could show potential employers a more complete and impressive picture of you than any CV can. With a well designed blog, you could put your best foot forward online.

Both stay-at-home moms and mothers working full-time will be able to make full use of blogs because there are many moms blogging about domestic and parenting issues online. Blogs are great venues for meeting moms, exchanging tips and giving advice on various topics. Whether your kids are infants or all grown up, you’ll still be able to pick up some hints from supportive moms. And it won’t cost you much time–a few posts a month will only take a few minutes to write, unless you want to put in much more work into them.

Internet Blog Marketing (Part 1)

Internet Blog Marketing means using the internet to market products or services on your blog. That would be the simplest explanation to it.

Today, marketing in the internet is not as easy as before. There is a lot of competition and everyone wants to be a part of the pay per click programs. In order to become successful at this, you need to choose you own market. Be unique. Do not use a single blog to market a lot of things online unless they are relevant. Choosing your market is a little difficult. Some will tell you to follow your passion and chose something that you know and love.

Educators, researchers and blogging

Blogging is largely associated with non-professionals. Should teachers and academics blog, then? It depends on your aim. A number of classes have included blogging as part of their coursework to encourage students to collaborate at to open up their work to feedback. Some universities allow their faculty and staff to blog using their university websites. Other students and researchers have project blogs to update others about their progress. Because of publishing online is instant, new work comes out more quickly than books and journals, which can take months and years to come out, by which time the findings could be obsolete. Overall, blogging opens up knowledge and learning beyond the classroom setting, and provides a fresh alternative to traditional publishing.

Baby Annabell Accessories: Hitting the Online Market

791578Toys today may not be of equal value with gadgets and other innovative discoveries with the help of technology. Way back, toys are the valuable things a child cherishes. It is a beautiful thing as it helps the child develop its imagination. This is why in the recent years, toy manufacturing companies are not stopping from producing toys such as the Baby Annabell Doll.

There are many ways that your child can enjoy and learn from this kind of toy. There are even various clothes and other accessories that your child can choose from. These toys are also sold online and

Some little girls would like to take their Baby Annabell Dolls out for a stroll. That is why Baby AnnabellPram is also introduced. There are different styles where you can choose from these prams. They are cute and pretty. They also sometimes come in a traditional style. And sometimes there are doll prams with wicker effect. It is now clear why these dolls are still popular. These dolls are cute and lovely and at the same time they can be a tool to train little girls. Have fun!

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Bluetooth RAZRWIRE Oakley Sunglasses – An Innovative Design

In the present day, there are a lot of innovative items being made to help make our lives easier and is a hit in the internet. For years, technology has proved that it has a lot to offer. It has been helpful from household appliances, office items and to portable gadgets. Just like the recent technology, gadgets such as mp3 players, laptops and other electronic devices are designed to bring convenience and comfort, most especially for people who are always on the go. Even personal items like sunglasses are now coupled with high technology and one reliable name that produces quality and innovative items is Oakley. One of the best items being offered by Oakley in the present day is the Bluetooth RAZWIRE Oakley Sunglasses.

The bluetooth RAZWIRE Oakley Sunglasses are now setting their way to popularity, especially to people who want to have handiness while having a talk on the phone, without interruption from what they are currently doing. These sunglasses are best for those who frequently go on business trips, biking or hanging out under the heat of the sun. When the phone rings, there is no need to pick it up from the bag. With the bluetooth feature that this RAZRWIRE Oakley sunglass has, talking on the phone is made easy. Aside from that, it has great features like Plutonite lens materials and high definition optics that protect eyes from UV radiation.

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Google Fiber



Google Fiber is promising 100 times faster internet service than any broadband service available has now announced that it is broadening their service and will start to provide for the people of Austin, Texas. It will be their second big city following Kansas. Don’t get too excited as it won’t start until next year. Homes connected to Google fiber in Kansas are feeling happy and satisfied with the service.

The service however isn’t cheap. There’s obviously a price for super fast internet connection. It will be $120 for internet connection plus TV connection. For just the internet, it will be $70. Since they are fairly new, they have a promotion for people who are signing up. They are waiving the $300 connection fee/installation charge. With this deal, there’s a reason for other internet providers and cable companies to worry. Unless they have something much better to offer, then more and more customers will be signing up.


Most Addictive Websites

The lack of real interaction between people in the real world can easily be blamed because of the existence of the world wide web. Having access to the internet is very tricky. A person can easily lose his/herself for hours just surfing through different websites or just being sucked in by Facebook. (We are all guilty of this) but there are heaps of internet websites that deserve your attention more than just stalking people or comment on every single posts on Facebook. These websites are ones that would make you laugh, make you think and sometimes, when a good article comes up, it could even make you cry. Here’s a short list of websites worthy of your time.

1. Thought Catalog – compilation of articles relevant and relatable coming from regular and sometimes awesome people.

2. Best of Craigslist – compilation of the funniest, grosses and weirdest Craigslist ads from around the world.

3. Where Cool Things Happen – this one is a photo blog of art, travel, lifestyle etc.

4. F My Life – This website would make you feel better about your life. (That is, after reading users personal awful/sad/incredibly miserable stories)

North Korea & Internet

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt arrived in Beijing on Thursday morning from his visit to North Korea. The whole trip has been controversial but Schmidt explained to the reporters that the trip has been productive. He joined the nine member group that included former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson to negotiate with North Korea to put a stop on missile launches and nuclear tests.

Schmidt is the most notable American businessman who visited the country. He explained that his purpose was to urge North Korea to be open to expanding the use of the internet for it will eventually benefit the citizens. He said “As the world becomes increasingly connected, [North Korea's] decision to be virtually isolated is very much going to affect their physical world, their economic growth and so forth. It will make it harder for them to catch up economically.” There is still no telling if his visit will make any big changes to the freedom of internet in the country.